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Why Choose Rope Access?

Men Working on Rope Access Netting Oil Rig Platform 3.jpg Tension netting is an access solution which involves creating a temporary work platform to provide workers access to awkward or high structures and areas. Aside from access, the innovative system also aids in fall prevention, debris containment and... Read more

5 Trends in the Construction Industry 2015 Posted

construction trends 2015.jpgThe introduction of 3D printers and an increase in passive home construction are just some of the recent developments the construction industry has experienced in recent years. Forever in a cycle of boom and bust, it is understandable that industry... Read more

Alternatives to MEWPs and Scissor Platforms Posted

work at height solutionsIf you are carrying out work at height on a high structure or building, or your building is difficult to access due its design then you will probably be considering working at height solutions. Read more

industrial window cleaning.jpgCommercial window cleaning teams must be trained in the correct Health and Safety procedures, especially when carrying out work at height and they must past regular tests at company, trade organisation and national level. It is important that when you... Read more

shutterstock_259702667.jpgYou may think rope access is a niche area of consultancy designed for offshore work that wouldn’t be applicable for your business or project. However the techniques and expertise employed by rope access specialists were quickly recognised as being... Read more