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Why Choose Rope Access?

rope access technician scotland.JPGIf you require work to be carried out at height for your structure or building you may first consider using larger, industrial techniques such as scaffolding, alloy towers or cherry pickers. Scaffolding is a temporary structure that construction... Read more

How Safe Is Rope Access? Posted

Rope Access SafetyThere are many safety myths associated with rope access. Onlookers may see it as a terrifying operation whereby the technician relies solely on a rope to protect themselves whilst they scale or traverse a building. Unsurprisingly however, rope access... Read more

The benefits of rope access on the job are proven. The fact that rope techniques improve leverage and safety on a construction site when workers are confronted with high risk on vertical sites, means that advanced ropes specialists¬†are in more demand tha…  Read more

Inspection and Rope Access Specialists IRAS from Scotland are established specialists qualified and experienced in getting access to your awkward building or structure where scaffolding is not an option. The IRAS team are capable of abseiling into... Read more