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The Safety Of Rope Access Posted

rope access scotland.jpgRope Access is an effectual method of working safely at a height or in tricky to access places. Various techniques have been developed and adapted over time to proffer safe systems Read more

IMG_1109.JPG Access by rope had its origins in the offshore industry however onshore applications for this type of working technique soon became popular for other services. Read more

shutterstock_93376240.jpgEverything you need to know and before of in the latest trends in the construction industry in the UK from complications caused by the Brexit Vote to a rise in construction orders in 2016. Read more

ROPE ACCESS IN THE UK. Posted (1).jpgAll there is to know about rope access in the UK, from how is the safety monitored to how regulated it is. Learn it all within this blog post. Read more

S8002553.JPGLearn all about the levels of training in rope access, how to prepare for the course, and if you will need to re-train. Read more