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work at height.jpgAn introduction into Off Shore Inspections - What we do, how we work and what services we can offer you. Read more

shutterstock_238915123.jpgTorque testing is used to check the components withing machinery and equipment to ensure that they are performing to the required standards, and to help identify any potential problems that need attended to. Some pieces of machinery can have thousands... Read more

Working as a Rope Access Technician Posted

rope access technician work services.JPGDo you need work inspection or maintenance work conducted at height? If you have started researching your options, you may have come across alternatives to scaffolding and MEWPs where workers use industrial ropes instead of platforms to reach high or... Read more

rope access specialist services.jpgThe need for rope access solutions has increased in recent years, becoming a common and viable alternative to other methods for working at height such as scaffolding, MEWPs and other platforms. The flexibility of the system allows rope access teams... Read more

shutterstock_330051758.jpgAs inspection requirements become increasingly stricter and architects and civil engineers continue to build increasingly more complicated - and higher - buildings and structures, the need for non-traditional height access methods to complete... Read more