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Rope access has become a leading access method for engineering work, inspections, maintenance and various other trades required at height in recent years. This is due to the growing number of remote or difficult access structures which require ongoing inspection and maintenance work the complicated structures created by architects and engineers.

If your business relies on traditional height access methods it can be both frustrating and costly to wait on scaffolding or mechanical platforms to arrive and work to begin. Rope access companies can provide a quick, safe and cost-effective alternative to these traditional solutions. 

Drawing on steeplejack and abseiling techniques, rope access is a work at height method which can be used to reach typically restricted areas such as bridges, oil-rigs and wind turbines.

The advantage of using rope access over other access methods lies in the safety and speed the technique has for maneuvering specialist workers onto your awkward access building or structure. Certified rope access technicians are up to six times less likely to experience a job site injury and the industry is heavily regulated and always focused on the absolute safety of workers. As rope access requires less equipment the set-up and disruption time is brought to minimum, reducing costs and allowing ongoing operations to continue during work. All of these reasons combine to explain the growth in popularity the technique has experienced in recent years.


Inspection & Rope Access Specialists provide a comprehensive range of services for awkward and difficult structures in the UK and abroad. We have worked on some of the largest offshore installations in Belgium and Holland and are able to apply our specialist skills to even the most demanding situation, on or offshore.

Our trained team of consultants have a diverse range of knowledge and experience and are selected according to the individual requirements of your project. Our personnel are back by a comprehensive range of plant equipment ensuring our work can be carried out professionally and efficiently.

We have built up a credible reputation in the oil and gas industry along with the renewable energy industry due to the exceptional high standards of quality, safety and service we provide.


Unlike other rope access companies the team at Inspection & Rope Access Specialists have the knowledge and experience to offer a full range of services including PPE Inspections, Fabric Maintenance, Rig Access, Concert Rigging and Bolt Torque Testing on a number of applications such as confined spaces, oil rig platforms and wind turbines. Whatever your project entails, you can be assured that our rope access technicians will be able to help. In fact, clients are often surprised at the true versatility and flexibility of work we have completed in the past using rope access techniques

Efficiency and Safety Are Key for Rope Access Companies

Regardless of the project we are working on our team will always carry out a safe system of work that leaves no damage to your property or surrounding environment and of course, no delay to your project. Our safe and efficient way of working allows you to carry on with the running of your business whilst maintenance or inspection work is completed.

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If you think your business or work at height project could benefit from rope access in assistance with maintenance, inspection or other services, please contact our Rope Access Consultancy team today.