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Inspection & Rope Access Specialists

Last Job of 2017 Posted

Last Job of 2017Last job of 2017, great work by our team Read more

IRATA 8168/O Posted

IRATA-LOGo.png   Inspection and Rope Access Specialists are proud to announce that we are a member of IRATA, Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. …  Read more


shutterstock_399076732.jpgIf you need to arrange access by rope for inspections, check out these common questions we've put together to help provide guidance and information: Read more

Rope Access for Lift Maintenance Posted

shutterstock_290307986.jpg It's your legal obligation to arrange inspections of your lift every six to 12 months, and essential maintenance may well be required. Read more

Working as a Rope Access Technician Posted

rope access technician work services.JPGDo you need work inspection or maintenance work conducted at height? If you have started researching your options, you may have come across alternatives to scaffolding and MEWPs where workers use industrial ropes instead of platforms to reach high or... Read more