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Working At Height

Rope Access Inspection Posted

Rope Access InspectionThe flexibility of the system allows our rope access teams to work on complex structures to complete even the most demanding work. Read more

industrial window cleaning.jpgTo choose the best solution for commercial window cleaning, you need to consider factors like building structure or height from ground, cost, fall arrest precautions, tools that are needed for working and condition of surface below working area. Types of…  Read more

Rope Access for Lift Maintenance Posted

shutterstock_290307986.jpg It's your legal obligation to arrange inspections of your lift every six to 12 months, and essential maintenance may well be required. Read more

Simple Steps to Safely Work at Height Posted

safely work at height.jpgIt wasn't that long ago that people completed work at height from towers and podiums with wheels that would be left unlocked for easy movement. Towers would be put up without the neccessary safety features such as guard rails and workers wouldn't be suffi Read more

wind turbine rope access.JPGMaintenance and inspection on wind turbines requires specialist training to access the motors which can be around 212 foot from the ground. Similarly the blades of a wind turbine reach around 116 foot and inspecting or repairing them requires... Read more