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Level 3 Rope Access Supervisors Posted

IMG_5029[1] 2.JPGA Level 3 qualified Rope Access supervisor is an integral part of a rope access team. They ensure safety protocols are followed and are ultimately responsible for the whole Rope Access team on any job. Regardless of the complexity of a rope access... Read more

How We Stay Safe with Rope Access Equipment Posted

IMG_0446.JPGIf you've read any of our posts before you will see that we go on about how safe rope access is as a work at height method. But it's for good reason! In this post we run through rope access equipment and how it helps increase our technicians safety as... Read more

inspection rope access.jpgInspections are an important part of maintaining any building or structure. Not only do they help to identify any current problems which may require immediate work but they also help to identify any potential problems which could develop in the future... Read more

coating inspection rope access specialists.jpgCoatings play a crucial role in not only protecting your assets from deterioration, but also in helping to maintain your company's image. A poorly kept building exterior can reflect badly on your brand. For many structures and buildings coatings are... Read more

Simple Steps to Safely Work at Height Posted

safely work at height.jpgIt wasn't that long ago that people completed work at height from towers and podiums with wheels that would be left unlocked for easy movement. Towers would be put up without the neccessary safety features such as guard rails and workers wouldn't be suffi Read more