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Wind turbines

Rope Access Inspection Posted

Rope Access InspectionThe flexibility of the system allows our rope access teams to work on complex structures to complete even the most demanding work. Read more

231_37038640246_842_n.jpgAmid concerns for global climate change and the decline in non-renewable energy sources, the importance of finding reliable, renewable energy sources has increased in recent years. One of the key renewable energies that has experienced growth... Read more

wind turbine rope access.JPGMaintenance and inspection on wind turbines requires specialist training to access the motors which can be around 212 foot from the ground. Similarly the blades of a wind turbine reach around 116 foot and inspecting or repairing them requires... Read more

IMG_20140520_102435.jpgThe United Kingdom has become the world's sixth largest producer of wind power with 6,546 wind turbines (as of August 2015). Wind turbines are located both onshore (primarily in rural locations) and off shore. London Array is currently the largest... Read more