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Rope Access Inspection Posted

Rope Access InspectionThe flexibility of the system allows our rope access teams to work on complex structures to complete even the most demanding work. Read more

confined space.jpgWorking in confined spaces can be a dangerous task and has set regulations which must be followed. Rope access provides a way to safely and efficiently access confined spaces which minimise risk to both the worker and the client... Read more

Rope Access Companies: Who to Trust? Posted

which rope access companies.JPGPeople have been using ropes to abseil and cave rock-faces, facades and buildings for many years. One of the first projects the method was used on a grand scale was during the building of the Hoover Dam in the 1930s. However it wasn't until the 1970s... Read more

For years, civil engineering faced the challenge of working at height. As architects designed increasingly complicated buildings, the task of reaching awkward or high areas within the structure for maintenance, repairs, inspections or cleaning also... Read more

rope access scotland.jpgIf your building or structure requires an inspection or maintenance work you will most likely need to hire external assistance. For those who have high or awkward buildings it is often the case that inspection or maintenance work cannot be conducted... Read more