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Rope Access Safety

Rope Access Inspection Posted

Rope Access InspectionThe flexibility of the system allows our rope access teams to work on complex structures to complete even the most demanding work. Read more

wind turbine rope access.JPGMaintenance and inspection on wind turbines requires specialist training to access the motors which can be around 212 foot from the ground. Similarly the blades of a wind turbine reach around 116 foot and inspecting or repairing them requires... Read more

Men Working on Rope Access Netting Oil Rig Platform 3.jpg Tension netting is an access solution which involves creating a temporary work platform to provide workers access to awkward or high structures and areas. Aside from access, the innovative system also aids in fall prevention, debris containment and... Read more

How Safe Is Rope Access? Posted

Rope Access SafetyThere are many safety myths associated with rope access. Onlookers may see it as a terrifying operation whereby the technician relies solely on a rope to protect themselves whilst they scale or traverse a building. Unsurprisingly however, rope access... Read more