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Alternatives to MEWPs and Scissor Platforms

work at height solutions

If you are carrying out work at height on a high building or structure, or your building is difficult to access due its design then you will probably be considering working at height solutions. Work at height solutions are required when the work you need to undertake cannot be safely carried out from the ground. Where possible working at height should be avoided so it is important to first assess the need and safety implications before conducting any form of height work.

What are the Options Available?

There are many different ways to carry out work at height including erecting scaffolding. Scaffolding is a semi-permanent structure that is put in place whilst work is carried out on your building. It can be unsightly, affect the entrance to your building and can delay your project as you have to wait for it to be set up.

Some businesses opt for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and Scissor Platforms as an alternative to scaffolding. These kinds of height solutions are movable and since they do not need to be set up like scaffolding, work can begin instantly, meaning maintenance and inspection work is not delayed.

What are MEWPs?

A MEWP is a powered machine that can be used to elevate workers and their tools via a temporary platform to conduct work at height. It can include a range of machines you may know of already including Scissor Lifts, Access Platforms, Cherry Pickers or Ariel Platforms.  

MEWPs are one of the most common ways to carry out temporary work or work at height and have long been used within the construction industry as well as in services such as Fire and Rescue. To operate a MEWP users should attend a recognised training course to ensure that they understand the machine and how to safely operate it. Whilst MEWPs are used daily within the construction industry they still pose some risks for workers including the chance of toppling if they are poorly maintained or overloaded.

Rope Access: A Safe Alternative to MEWPs

If you are looking for a cost-effective, safe and unobtrusive way to conduct work on your tall building then you may also want to consider rope access. Rope access specialists are able to ascend, descend and transverse buildings easily and safely. Rope access work can be carried out with minimal disruption and can begin instantly. Rope Access has a low accident rate and since no large machinery is required is a cost-effective solution. 

For more information about Rope Access in Scotland you can read about the Services Inspection & Rope Access Specialists, rope access specialists offer. Our to discuss you project you can contact us.