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An introduction to modern rope access - Why you should choose us.

A brief introduction to modern rope access -

Why you should choose us.

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As engineers create ever more modern, huge and increasingly complex constructions access for ongoing inspection and maintenance becomes more challenging and costly. This explains why, in recent years, access by rope has become the favoured method for working on complicated projects. This method of access utilises steeplejack techniques and skills gained from rock climbing and abseiling making it the ideal maintenance and inspection choice for structures such as oil rigs, wind turbines and bridges.

What advantages do we deliver over traditional access?

Traditional methods of access via scaffolding and mechanical platforms have become less viable as structures have become more complex. With traditional methods, time and money are spent waiting for delivery and assembly which when in place looks unsightly and can restrict plant operations. The immediate advantages we offer are our speed of work and safety. Technicians are selected for their skills and experience and are well-qualified in a heavily regulated industry. Statistics show that our methods of access by rope have an accident rate six times less than with traditional methods. Minimal equipment is needed leading to less disruption which in turn lowers costs and allows your operation to safely continue while inspection and maintenance work is carried out.

Why choose our specialist teams?

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As inspection specialists, we deliver a wide range of services for tackling difficult and awkward structures both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Our consultants bring with them experience gained from working on some of the largest European offshore installations. However demanding your situation and whether it is on or offshore we have the right specialists for your job with a highly trained and certified team of consultants. Together they bring a vast pool of knowledge and relevant experience to your contract. The consultants working with you will be selected according to the specific requirements of your project, backed up by all the plant equipment needed to carry out your work efficiently, safely and professionally. On the back of the high standards we bring to all of our projects, we have built up a particularly strong reputation within the oil, gas and renewable energy industries.

What is the range of our services?

We have gathered together the experience and knowledge that allows us to offer a full range of services covering Fabric Maintenance, PPE Inspections, Concert Rigging, Rig Access and Bolt Torque Testing in the most challenging circumstances created by confined spaces, complex constructions, wind turbines or oil rig platforms. We guarantee that whatever the demands of your project we have the right personnel and equipment to cope. All of our work is carried out with the highest regard to personnel safety and the protection of both your property and the surrounding environment. Our method of work allows you to continue running your business with no loss of production or revenue.


In summary, our specialist rope access service delivers a quick, safe, attractive and very cost competitive method of following a regular inspection and maintenance programme at your sites.

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