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Are You Looking for Commercial Window Cleaning Solutions?

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Architects are designing ever-increasingly complex buildings and structures. This has resulted in commercial window cleaning companies having to develop new technologies in order to carry out their work. A variety of solutions are now available for cleaning on some of the world’s most demanding and difficult to access structures. These include using truck mounted access platforms, water fed pole systems, cradle-based access equipment and rope access. The chosen solution for window cleaning on your building will be dependent on a variety of factors including your budget, height of your building, location and provider chosen.

Commercial window cleaning teams must be trained in the correct Health and Safety procedures, especially when carrying out work at height and they must pass regular tests at company, trade organisation and national level. It is important that when you are deciding on a company to clean your commercial building's windows that you select a company which is properly accredited.

What to Consider When Cleaning Windows at Height

If you need to clean the windows of your commercial building then you should first consider:

  • How high the job is from the ground.
  • Fall arrest precautions.
  • The weather conditions.
  • The required tools you need and how you will get them up and down safely.
  • The surface below the work e.g. is it stables, uneven or muddy.

If you decide to use a ladder you should make sure you re-position it before you clean another window. Over-stretching on a ladder can result in falling and injuring yourself.

How to Clean Windows at Height

Water Fed Pole System

Where possible, working at height should be avoided. If the windows on your building are below 60 feet (5 floors high) then water fed pole cleaning systems can be used. This method decreases the potential Health and Safety risks and decreases your costs. Water fed pole systems are the safest method for window-cleaning as operatives can work from the ground.

Truck Mounted Access Platforms

Truck mounted access platforms give you better access to windows as they can reach greater heights than water fed pole systems. The system uses a cherry picker and skilled operator to gain access to windows.  The main benefits of a truck mounted access platforms are that they can be set up quickly and workers can begin work within minutes. They can also be removed from sites very quickly as they do not require any permanent fixtures.

The disadvantages of a truck mounted access platform is that they are not discrete and can block the front of your building whilst work is being conducted.

Cradle Systems

Cradle systems are a method of accessing heights that are out of reach for conventional access methods such as ladders, cherry pickers or scaffolding. They have a safe working area which is suspended from cables that can be raised and lowered into position using powered winches. Many of the UK's modern, larger buildings have cradle-systems already fitted as part of their building structure. Cradles are advantageous as they create no obstruction at ground level, making them a good choice for work at height requirements for occupied buildings, such as window cleaning.

Window Cleaning Using Industrial Rope Access

Rope access is an effective way to clean windows at height. If your building does not have cradle systems already installed and you are looking for a cost-effective and non-disruptive method for cleaning windows then industrial rope access might be the answer you are looking for. Rope access provides a number of advantages over other work at height methods including no flat terrain permit required, increased safety, reduced costs, minimal set-up time and minimal disturbance to occupants of a building. 

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists Scotland

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