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Banner & Sign Installation Is Easy With Rope Access

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Have you considered outdoor advertising for your business but unsure how to go about it? Outdoor advertising includes all forms of outdoor ads including the large banners often seen covering the facades of buildings, museums and shopping centres.  

Why Use Outdoor Advertising?

In the UK alone 35 million people have a smartphone and one in every six adults check their device over 50 times per day. In such a technologically dependent world, it is no surprise that many companies focus marketing budgets and efforts on online advertising in an attempt to capture this market. However with such a large potential audience online also comes a very crowded and competitive marketplace. Studies have shown that the average user is exposed to 1,700 banner ads per month with the average click through rate being just 0.1%. User testing has also shown how online users are becoming increasingly disengaged with online advertising due to amount they are exposed to on a daily basis.

For certain kinds of advertising, outdoor banner advertising offers businesses and organisations a great way to target a specific local audience, increase brand awareness and increase sales. This form of advertising is an eye-catching method which has been used by some of the biggest brands in the world such as Apple, Coca-Cola and Nike to promote new releases.


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Outdoor banner advertising requires a significant amount of planning and preparation relative to other marketing techniques however when carried out correctly can provide a great ROI.

Banner Installation by Rope Access Specialists

One of the main obstacles you may noticed when considering outdoor banner advertising is the logistics of how to install it. Whilst it is possible to use scaffolding and other MEWP services, rope access could be the technique that you are looking for to hang signs and banners quickly and cost effectively. The benefit of using rope access is the technique's safety, flexibility and reliability. Heavy equipment is not required to install signs using rope access meaning work can be carried out without disturbance to the building. At Inspection & Rope Access Specialists our rope access team have experience in installing both temporary and permanent displays and have the knowledge regarding various types of installations.

For more information about the installation of banners or signs you can contact our rope access specialist team based in Scotland on 01592 722 571.