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Install Banners and Signage with Rope Access

Banners, signs and lighting can make a huge difference to the exterior or interior of your building however the logistics of installing such items at height can be complicated.

Industrial rope access is an effective, quick and cost-effective alternative to erecting scaffolding or using MEWPs. It uses rigging, abseiling and rope techniques to manoeuvre workers into position to conduct their work.

Safe, Professional Banner Installation at Any Height

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists have many years’ experience in using rope access to perform banner and sign installation. Within our team we have Level 3 supervisors who are able to properly assess the area for health and safety and potential risks from the offset. This means that our banner installations are conducted safely and with minimal damage to your building and disruption to the public below.

We provide surveys to assess your building or area, can advise on the best method of fixing and provide a full installation service.

Our Banner Services include:

  • Initial assessment and consultancy to determine preferred fixing method.
  • Co-ordination of Health & Safety requirements
  • Fitting and installation
  • Switching banners
  • Removing banners
  • Decorative and lighting rigging for events
  • Installation or repair of flag poles

Place a Banner Virtually Anywhere on Your Building

The rope access technicians at Inspection & Rope Access Specialists can advise you on the best way to replace or introduce signage to your building, regardless of its height. Whether you need banners temporarily put up for advertising purposes or permanent signage our team will be able to help.
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