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Cleaning Commercial Ducts and Vents

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Ventilation is a key factor you must be aware of to ensure your business is operating a healthy environment. If you use ducts and vents to provide ventilation within your building then you will need to ensure that these are routinely checked and cleaned so that individuals are not exposed to any potential health risks.

Duct work cleaning is considered a "confined space" procedure as ducts and vents tend to be fixed to ceilings with small, confined entryways. Under UK regulations the correct confined space considerations must be made to ensure the project is carried out safely.

What Needs to be Considered in Confined Space Projects?

Considerations that must be made include risk assessment prior to work and planning the confined space entry. To correctly follow the legislation it is also important that the confined space entry is conducted by workers who have had the correct prior training.

Why Choose Rope Access Specialists for Duct Cleaning?

In some scenarios you may be able to choose between rope access and other work at height methods to access ducts and vents for inspection. However traditional height access methods such as scaffolding are often more expensive than rope access. They will also usually require permits and licenses so can be more time consuming; firstly for the time awaiting confirmation for work to begin but also for the set up and dismantle of equipment. 

For duct cleaning it will often be the case that traditional kinds of access methods simply aren't feasible, often due to the ground conditions, the height or most commonly, the requirements of the work i.e. the need to enter confined areas. The cleaning of ducts and vents often falls into this latter category as entry to the interior of ducts and vents requires particular expertise to ensure safety.

It might also be the case that your business's ducts and vents are in areas accessed by workers, your users or the public. Rope access work can be conducted at any time of the day to minimize the amount of disruption caused - another reason it is the preferred technique over scaffolding or platforms.

If you are looking for a company to clean your business's ducts, vents or air conditioning units you may find it difficult to find one that provides both of the services you require: confined space entry and height access. This is because both rope access and confined space entry at height require particular expertise, firstly to reach the height of the vents and secondly to correctly and safely enter the confined area. Traditional cleaning companies will not be able to complete such work, nor will all rope access companies.

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists

Whilst some companies may claim to offer a full range of working at height or rope access solutions, some will lack the varied technical experience and qualifications found within the Inspection and Rope Access Specialists team. 

Our team are fully compliant with the latest Health and Safety regulations, and work to the highest standards to ensure quality control and safety. Within our team we have Level 3 trained technicians who use the latest techniques and equipment coupled with experience to ensure the best service and standards every time.

We have developed procedures for entering difficult to access ducts and vents and use specialist techniques and equipment to complete any required inspection and maintenance work to a high standard with a focus on efficiency, cost and safety.

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists are one of the few companies which operates throughout the whole of the UK and Europe. To speak to one of our technicians please contact us on 01592 722 571.

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