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Concert Lighting and Event Rigging

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Working at height is a specialised area of health and safety. As such, it is important that any project carried out at height is conducted by trained personnel who can correctly assess the risks involved.

One area of working at height which requires particular knowledge and experience is concert rigging and event lighting installation. For events lighting and rigging projects, heavy equipment must be maneuvered into position and in many circumstances the installation will be temporary, so particular care needs to be taken to ensure the structural integrity and protection of those who may be below or nearby. 

Where cranes and other lifting areas are not available to install concert lighting or rigging, rope access provides a safe, efficient and cost effective alternative. Rope access technicians use tensioned cables and systems to adapt structures for decoration or shelter. Rope access rigging services also extend to cover the installation of signs and advertising banners.

Why Choose Rope Access for Event Lighting Installation?

Industrial rope access is a modern solution that helps technicians access difficult areas to carry out work. iT is a preferred method for concert rigging and light installation for a number of reasons.

1. Rope Access is Safe

Developments in rope access in past few decades have helped rope access become a particularly safe method of working at height. IRATA (The International Rope Access Trade Association) can be thanked for this; for introducing their well regulated program of training which rope access consultants must complete. Any rope access equipment used must also pass intense training to ensure it is suitable and safe for work.  

Typically when a stage or area is being set up for a concert or stage show there will be multiple people working simultaneously to get everything ready in a short space of time. Rope access allows the technicians to carry out work whilst not disrupting or causing potential safety hazards to the ground level.

2. Rope Access is Quick

Rope access is also faster than other access methods as teams can arrive and begin work on site almost immediately without having to wait for scaffolding or other structures to be set up. This can be particularly beneficial if you are needing lighting or banners installed and are working to a tight deadline, e.g. the opening night of an event.

3. Rope Access is Cost Effective

Rope access systems typically require fewer personnel and less equipment than traditional access methods. Coupling this with the previous point, downtime is minimized thus making rope access is more cost effective solution.

Concert Lighting Access Consultancy

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists have a wealth of experience and knowledge in concert rigging and event lighting. Our team of individuals have the necessary work at height skills required to access and traverse structures found in the entertainment industry.

If you are looking for a safe, quick and cost effective way to install concert lighting rope access is a great solution. Our rope access team oversee all activities related to the rigging and installation project, including access, rope and cable rigging, lifting and confined space entry as well as safety checks and project supervision. To find out more, or discuss your project's requirements please send us your enquiry via our Contact Form.

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