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It is important that oil rig platforms and offshore sub-stations/wind turbines have a comprehensive fabric maintenance plan in place to pro-long the life of the structure and to help prevent any serious incidents that could stop production or harm workers.

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists based in Scotland however cover the whole of the UK and Europe provide highly trained and motivated personnel covering all aspects of fabric maintenance, surveying, blasting, spraying, painting, fireproofing and inspection, all from rope access to clients across the UK and abroad.

Conducting fabric maintenance is a challenging and complex procedure. Our focus is to provide professional and safe techniques for completing fabric maintenance for our clients. We pride ourselves on the wide range of plant equipment, technologies and innovative solutions we have, and if we don't have what we require for your project we will buy it specifically for you.

As part of our fabric maintenance work, we provide you with a Daily Report and trackers so you can see the work’s progress. Our Daily Reports includes current progress on the following information;

  1. Fresh water wash to an acceptable salt level as stated in the specification.
  2. Blasting to whatever standard is required from the specification.
  3. Painting where strip coating is required before spraying or coating structures by brush application to the required DFT (dry film thickness) as requested by the specification.
  4. Spraying to the correct DFT (dry film thickness) as requested by the specification.
  5. Fireproofing Hand application or sprayed application.
  6. Inspection. Inspection & Rope Access Specialists will have inspectors on site for the duration of the work scope and produce coating reports relating to each work areas, these will be issued directly to the client for their records.
  7. Once each scope is completed we will produce a completion certification based on the work been carried out and our paint inspectors report.