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If you need to arrange access by rope for inspections, check out these common questions we've put together to help provide guidance and information:


What is rope access?

When you need specialists to work or inspections on difficult to access areas and locations, arranging access by rope is the professional way to handle your needs. Ropes and specialist equipment are used to access your locations quickly, safely and in a cost-efficient manner.

What jobs do you do?

IMG_1109.JPGLift inspections need to be carried out each year, when you arrange access by rope you can be sure that a proficient and thorough inspection will be conducted and all remedial works conducted safely. Other hard to access areas include industrial chimney and smokestacks, offshore installations and surveys and remedial works for buildings of any size or shape.

Are workers qualified?

All workers are trained and qualified by IRATA, the Industrial trade association for access by rope. IRATA has been in place for more than 20 years now and has demonstrated that access by rope is by the safest means of access to difficult to reach places. It's also far less intrusive than scaffolding or cherry pickers, meaning there's less chance for any damage to your buildings or structures.

What type of work can you do?

work at height.jpgWe can inspect, repair and clean your hard to reach places using our access by rope methods and you can rest assured that your job will be carried out efficiently and cost-effectively.

Where do rope crews go?

You'll find specialised rope crews can go anywhere. Up or down the sides of buildings, inside lift shafts and chimney stacks or around. Once the rope crew has established an adequate anchor point, it's easy to access difficult points such as recessed areas, or areas which butt out from the sides of buildings or structures. You'll find accessing by rope is the most environmentally friendly means of arranging inspections and remedial work and can be sure to receive professional works from our teams at Off Shore Inspections.


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