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Have You Considered Rope Access For Your Work at Height Project?


You may think rope access is a niche area of consultancy designed for offshore work that wouldn’t be applicable for your business or project. However the techniques and expertise employed by rope access specialists were quickly recognised as being perfect for a variety of onshore projects as well and since, the technique has been used in a number of innovative ways.

What Is Rope Access?

Rope access is a safe cost-effective and non-intrusive way to carry out work at height on difficult to access structures. The rope access technicians can easily ascend, descend and transverse structures and buildings that are too high or awkward for typical work at height solutions such as cherry-pickers and scaffolding.

Civil engineering has been faced with the challenge of working at height for a number of years. The introduction of industrial rope access has helped solve this problem and offers a number of benefits over other methods.

Rope access has proven to be an effective solution for those who need their project to be carried out quickly and cannot delay work whilst waiting for scaffolding to be erected. As it requires no motive power it is extremely environmentally friendly and can be set up in minutes allowing our technicians to start work on your project immediately. Rope access has an excellent safety record as all specialists have to complete rigorous training programmes before they can begin working.

What Types Of Projects Can Rope Access Be Applied To?

Rope Access can be used in a variety of projects including imperative safety work. This can range from inspection and testing of structures to maintenance and repair work. It can also be used to complete aesthetic projects such as cleaning and blasting/painting work. Rope Access has been applied to civil engineering and geotechnical projects such as slope stabilisation and finally, has been used in media and entertainment projects such as rigging for stage concerts and the hanging of banners.

How Can We Help With Your Work At Height Project?

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists in Scotland are always looking for new challenges. Our aim is to always provide you with the best solution for your project and will invest in the required equipment to make sure this happens. To find out more you can read about Inspection & Rope Access Specialists, rope access consultants Scotland or contact us today to discuss your work. We’d love to help.

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