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How We Stay Safe with Rope Access Equipment

IMG_0446.JPGIf you've read any of our previous posts you will know that we go on about how safe rope access is as a work at height method. But it's for a good reason - It really is a safe way to work at height! In this post we run through rope access equipment and how it helps increase our technicians safety as they work.

What Is Rope Access?

If you're new to the technique here is a quick overview of what is involved:

In simple terms rope access is a two-rope system where a rope access technician attaches themselves to using a harness to access hard to reach working areas. From this system they are able to complete services such as inspection or maintenance work at height.

Using additional gear, a rope access technician can traverse across the facade of a building or move up and down structures, enabling them to access even the most difficult areas. It is this ability to get into awkward spaces such as the underneath of oil rig platforms or inside of ventilation ducts which makes the technique such an all-encompassing solution for working at height.

Rope Access Equipment

Rope access originally derived from climbing/caving and equipment originally came over from those techniques. However in recent years the need for specialized industrial rope access equipment increased and manufacturers responded by developing tailored gear for the technique.

Rope access equipment must be properly and routinely checked and stored. Information about a new piece of equipment will typically be logged including the date it was purchased, the supplier, the specific identification number, material, manufacturer, date of service, breaking strength, any certifications it holds, among others.

On top of that, each piece of equipment will typically have its own inspection history and use log. Essentially this enables a rope access company to know exactly when a piece of equipment was bought, how often it has been inspected, how many times it has been used, etc.

How rope access equipment is stored is equally as important as how it is used; and both contribute to the overall safety of our rope access technicians. Equipment must be correctly stored to ensure safety standards are met.

Level 3 Rope Access Technicians

Within the Inspection & Rope Access Specialist team we have Level 3 trained technicians, experienced in a varied range of rope access jobs. Every project teaches us something new; and our experience helps us to work safely and efficiently. For more information about our Rope Access Services please get in touch:

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