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Inspection & Rope Access Specialists: Rope Access Technicians in Scotland

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The Best Views Are from the Top

Rope access technicians, "RATs", are the trained, highly skilled technicians who ascend and descend high-rise buildings to inspect, survey and construct when work cannot be completed from the ground. Accomplished professionals who work in this profession can paint, weld, cut and handle heavy materials all without the need of MEWPs or other work at height systems. 

Safety and security is also far greater with this method of structure access as both the technician and the required tools are attached to ropes meaning they are highly unlikely to fall and injure those below.

A Way to Scale Inaccessible Buildings

At Inspection Rope Access Specialists we provide access techniques in Scotland, the UK and abroad developed from caving and climbing rope practises. These rope techniques enable our team to reach high and awkward buildings, tall structures, oil rig platforms and bridges without using ariel work platforms or cradles. The members of our team are suspended in harnesses and use rope techniques to quickly access structures. Inspection & Rope Access Specialists personnel are specialists in handling plant equipment and can provide cost efficient solutions to your buildings needs.

Our Innovative Scottish Company Will Deliver Safe and Quality Service

How It Works

Industrial abseilers are each secured with two ropes, a main rope and a backup. Each rope is anchored to eyebolts that are attached to the building and has a breaking strength of three tonnes. Each rope is given a bunny-ear knot to create two anchors. This means the technician will always be safe even in the unlikely case where a rope breaks.

Health and Safety Regulations and Risk and Method assessments are stringent. Teams stay close to avoid accidents and to be prepared for emergencies. Courage, trust and common sense are vital elements in a team. All rope workers are trained and certified by the International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA).

Inaccessible Buildings Maintenance and Cleaning

RATs can take care of your building maintenance, cleaning and repairs. Disruption to a building needing attention is minimal with rope scaffolding and the technique means there are no hazards or ground level obstructions meaning work can be carried out with minimal disturbance.

The need for scaffolding and security guards is eliminated by employing abseiling technicians. Any work at height can continue throughout the day and night and the skilled teams are able to access the most complicated shaped buildings, towering, sheer faces and walls of glass. The work for an abseiling technician is varied from drilling and filling holes to attaching satellite dishes and coating skyscrapers with non-reflective coatings so regardless of the project you need carried out on your building or structure, rope access technicians will be able to help.

Rope systems are a safe, speedy way of working at heights with the minimum impact on the surrounding location. To find out more about Inspection & Rope Access Specialists services you can visit our About page or to discuss your work at height problem contact us via the Contact Form.