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The Inspection & Rope Access Specialists team are qualified and experienced in using industrial rope access techniques to conduct inspections and surveys on even difficult to reach structures in a flexible, efficient and precise manner.

We deliver inspection and survey work on a variety of structures including oil rig platforms, storage tanks, ventilation systems, wind turbines, high rise buildings and more. From simple inspection to full in-depth examination our team can be on your premises and begin work immediately, keeping disruption to a minimum. 

Some of our key inspection and survey techniques are explained below.

Quality Control & Inspections

In order for coatings to be successfully applied to your building or structure it is important that Quality Control measures are employed. A coating's long-term performance is much more likely to meet expectations if the factors that affect its performance are improved. Experience shows that inspection is a significant element in achieving these desired quality levels.

Inspections are a key part of Quality Control and can be performed by any individual trained in the necessary skills. The availability of a dedicated inspector is an asset to the project and likely to lead to improvements in the overall quality of the work. This in turn leads to long-term savings as coating performance is significantly improved.

Coating Surveys

Camera Test Picture 22.03.12 015.jpgA Coating Survey (condition assessment) is used to gather information on the performance of a previously coated protective coatings system on assets such as bridges, offshore platforms, chemical plants, refineries, etc.

Coating is a major maintenance component that accounts for huge annual expenditures which is why coating surveys are a vital part of the in-service inspection and should be carried out on a regular basis. 

In the past some companies were less than thorough in their approach to coating. However due to the increased attention paid to environmental protection and safety (for both employees and public) companies now look more closely at their facilities. There is now increasing recognition that planning and performance monitoring is beneficial to your company. Doing so will avoid accidents caused by corrosion which can lead to significant profit loss, dissatisfaction in the work force and bad publicity.

It is critical that you avoid these consequences by working with knowledgeable professionals who can conduct the survey. Inspection & Rope Access Specialists provide certified inspectors to conduct quality controlled inspections and coating surveys. Our certified inspection equipment and inspectors allows us to professionally carry out all the daily duties involved in a Coating Survey such as the taking of environmental readings, salt levels, profile reading, WFT (wet film thickness) readings and DFT (dry film thickness) readings.

Discuss Your Project with Qualified High Level Inspectors

Within our team we have Level 3 NACE Certified Coating Inspectors knowledgeable in corrosion testing, surface preparation, environmental conditions, coating mixtures and more with the ability to perform unsupervised non-destructive and destructive inspections of liquid and non-liquid coatings.

To discuss your project please contact our team today. You can also see the Inspection & Rope Access Specialists team in action in our Inspection Gallery.