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Installing Banners and Lights Using Rigging & Rope Access

concert event rigging.jpgIf you are looking to install lighting or banners at height you will need to consider how these will be fixed. Industrial rope access provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for those looking to hang signs or lights. The technique uses a combination of rigging, abseiling and rope techniques to manoeuvre technicians into place to complete work and can be used to assist cranes and other lifting methods.

Why Choose Rope Access for Banner Installation?

Planning is a key component in any rope access project. Correct preparation helps work to run smoothly and prevents any unforeseen obstacles or dangers. If you are looking to have signs or lights permanently fixed rope access teams are also able to provide regular maintenance inspection to ensure all equipment meets the required standards. We can also support with any on-going maintenance work that may be required.


When installing lighting or rigging it is important that the area is properly assessed for potential Health & Safety hazards. 

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists have a wealth of knowledge in using rope access for even the most challenging of projects. We have experience in using the technique for rigging in stage, theatre and outdoor events, among others. Rope Access is one of the safest ways to work at height and all of our projects begin with an assessment so we can advise on the best method for installation. We can provide any relevant paperwork and PPE needed to complete the job in the safest way possible.

Our Services:

Or team at Inspection & Rope Access Specialists can provide a range of services to support lighting and banner installation. This include:

  • Initial assessment and consultancy to determine preferred fixing method
  • Co-ordination of Health & Safety requirements
  • Fitting and installation
  • Switching banners
  • Removing banners
  • Decorative and lighting rigging for events
  • Installation or repair of flag poles

Find Out More

Our technicians can supply rigging services and advice on the best way to introduce or replace signage and lighting, both permanent and temporary fixtures. For more information please contact us:

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