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Lift Maintenance by Rope Access

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You may think that Rope Access is used solely for maintenance on outdoor structures including oil rig platforms, skyscrapers and bridges. However, Rope Access can be utilised in many different circumstances, including the maintenance of structures and facilities used in day to day life, such as lifts.

Rope Access for Confined Spaces

Rope Access can be used as a method for entering confined spaces. It is a safe and economical way to access areas which are otherwise inaccessible or too impractical or unsafe to be reached by other work at height methods such as scaffolding. Rope Access is the preferred method for carrying out inspections and repairs in difficult to access spaces such as wells and lifts as work can be carried out quickly and efficiently with no damage or disruption to the area.

Rope Access For Lift Inspections and Maintenance

Lifts, like all types of machinery, require to be serviced regularly. Regular lift maintenance not only protects visitors and residents but can also help prevent lift repairs which can be costly and a hindrance for users. Furthermore, if you own a property then you have a duty to your visitors and/or residents to ensure that all facilities and the building itself are safe. In accordance with legislation under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, lifts in both commercial and industrial properties must be of adequate stability and strength, be installed correctly and be examined every six or twelve months by a competent individual who can inspect the lift thoroughly and advise you of any problems or defects.

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists

The Inspection & Rope Access Specialists team are specially trained to safely execute maintenance and inspection by Rope Access. We have carried out work for a range of clients all over the UK in industries including: City Councils; Oil and Gas; Renewable Energy, Marine, Communications, Pharmaceutical, Civil Engineering, as well as private companies and the public. Please contact Inspection & Rope Access Specialists Scotland for more information and to find out how we can help you or your organisation today.