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Many Companies Now Experiencing The Benefits of Rope Access

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Working at height has always been a challenge.

For businesses which require inspection or maintenance work conducted on their building or structure at great height, or in an awkward location, such as an atrium or industrial vent they will understand the difficulty and challenges workers face. 

Industrial rope access is an increasingly popular method of working at height. The system has been around for over 20 years, evolving from caving, abseiling and climbing techniques and has experienced a growth in popularity due its safety and efficiency.

The guidelines set by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) have been commended by the UK HSE and the rope access industry has been noted on several times for its excellent safety record.

Why Do Companies Choose Rope Access for Work at Height?

Many rope access companies exist across the world providing a way to access areas which would typically be impractical or unsafe to reach.

Businesses have recognised the substantial savings which can be made from rope access and the true flexibility it provides over other working at height solutions.

Key Features of Rope Access

There are a number of advantages of rope access over traditional access methods. One of the key benefits and reasons that many companies choose rope access over scaffolding or other height techniques is the reduced cost. By choosing rope access companies will pay only for the work that is required and not for the access solution(s) required to the work area.

Aside from the reduced cost, rope access also has the following benefits:

  • Work can be carried out quickly due to minimal set up time.
  • There is minimum disruption and noise, meaning ongoing operations can continue during work. This reduction in downtime is a crucial for many companies.
  • Ropes are secure and safe. They can be removed at the end of every shift (unlike scaffolding) reducing the change of accident.
  • Rope access gives greater mobility to access difficult or confined areas. This allows inspection and maintenance work to be completed to the highest of standards, even in difficult to reach spaces.

A Rope Access Company Who Provide A Full Range of Services

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists are a team of fully qualified rope access specialists. We provide a full range of services to our clients, including PPE Inspections and wind turbine maintenance. We have worked on some of the largest offshore installations in Europe and conducted a range of services at height. Clients are often surprised at the true flexibility of what our team can acheive. To find out more please contact us today or call us 01592 722 571.