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NACE Certified Coating Inspections

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Inspection & Rope Access Specialists offer coating inspections as one of our range of services.

Within our team we have Level 3 qualified NACE Coating Inspectors. NACE International are the leaders in corrosion engineering and are widely agreed to be the premier authority in offering corrosion control solutions.

Why Choose a NACE Inspector?

NACE Coating Inspectors help to alleviate any potential problems that could arise in the pre-treatment, application and curing phases of coating. They are qualified to inspect, test and document a variety of areas to ensure coating jobs have been completed to the required specification. Their knowledge can also help save time and money.

What is a Level 3 NACE Certified Coating Inspector?

A Level 3 NACE Certified Coating Inspector has to complete five years of coating inspection or coating related work. They also need to complete all CIP level 3 certification requirements. After this, the inspector is deemed to have "expert knowledge" and is suitable for supervising Level 1 and Level 2 coating inspectors.

Typically coating inspection work can be carried out by a NACE Level 2 however in certain circumstances they would need to work under the supervision, or be signed off by a Level 3 Inspector. Where possible it is best to choose a company that has NACE Level 3 Inspectors as part of the team.

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists

Within the team at Inspection & Rope Access Specialists we have Level 3 NACE Certified Coating Inspectors knowledgeable in corrosion testing, surface preparation, environmental conditions, coating mixtures and more with the ability to perform unsupervised non-destructive and destructive inspections of liquid and non-liquid coatings.

For more information about Coating inspections or to speak with one of our team please contact us with your query.


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