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Non Destructive Testing Using Rope Access


Rope access is the perfect solution for reaching a particular spot for work that might be difficult or dangerous to access using other methods. Not only is rope access quicker than many of the other alternatives for reaching an awkwardly situated places but in the hands of experts, it is also very safe.

Why Choose Rope Access Specialists for Your Non Destructive Testing?

Non-destructive testing (often abbreviated as NDT) has a number of diverse benefits, the most important being that it can test materials without damaging them or changing their properties.

The main challenge that you may face when finding a company to conduct NDT on your property is that the material you need tested is in a constrained or high place. NDT requires workers to access materials up close so inspectors must be able to work at difficult angles and access areas otherwise deemed unreachable.

It is for these reasons that rope access has been found to be the most convenient and reliable way to carry out NDT and why many organisations today will list rope access as a requirement from the company they employ for NDT.

Find a Company that is Qualified and Offers a Full Range of NDT Services

If your organisation is looking to hire a rope access company, the first step you should follow is to check company qualifications. This implies that the experts have the right experience and have good track record, not only when it comes to effective access to difficult places, but also safety.

From there you may want to discuss the variety of tests and projects the company has completed. Rope access specialists must be able to carry out many different types of testing, from liquid penetrant testing to ultrasonic testing, surveys and photographs, and X-ray testing. These tests can be carried out in structures as diverse as water towers, wind power generating towers, offshore oil rigs, and similar tall, vertical structures or confined spaces. Finding a qualified company backed by a wealth of experience is a key indicator NDT work will be conducted safely, quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Inspection & Rope Access Specialists?

Rope access is cheaper than building scaffolds or bringing in cranes and machinery. It is also more convenient where heavy equipment may not be used due to space constraints or due to their bulk. Rope access specialists can offer years of on the job experience, and are capable of securing difficult locations. They help carry out activities that might be deemed dangerous for non-specialised personnel.

NDT is required in industries such as oil and gas and wind energy. Working with a rope access company, such as Inspection & Rope Access Specialists, means you all areas can be accessed for NDT. Better still, in addition to NDT, we are able to offer supplementary services such as photographic surveys, planning access for people, maintenance and cleaning services, and carrying out surveys to find out potential risk. 

For more information about NDT or rope access please contact our team. We cover the UK and Europe and will be happy to discuss your project and requirements.

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