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Rock Face Stabilisation Using Rope Access

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If a rock face needs to be stabilised rope access provides a great way to conduct the required techniques even if the areas are at height or hard to reach.

Rope access provides the versatility needed to span across a cliff face; an issue that sometimes is limited when using conventional plant equipment.

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists are experienced in geotechnical projects including the stabilisation of rock and cliff faces. We assess each project individually to create the most efficient, timely and cost effective solution, combining specialist equipment with our IRATA qualified operatives.

How Difficult is Rock Stabilisation?

There are a variety of different ways to prevent rock or cliff slides. Depending on the surface it may be necessary to remove unstable boulders or install anchors, bolts, netting or wire mesh to stabilise and protect.
These techniques are explained further below:


Anchorage is often used to hold boulders which could pose a hazard in place by using steel rods.

Rock Bolting & Dowels

Rock bolting and dowels are a fundamental element to stabilisation of rock faces. It offers a cost effective way to retain failing rock using steel or GRP tendons.

Dentition & Wire Mesh

Dentition and Meshing is used to catch rocks which could roll and bounce down the rock face by creating physical barrier over the surface of the rock face.


Retaining netting made with steel cables can cushion the fall of rocks.

Rock Scaling, Re-profiling & Boulder Removal

This process involves clearing loose rocks and boulders from rock or cliff faces. This technique can be used as a short term localised stability problems or as a precursor for more serious work. 


Shortcrete is a spray able concrete which can be used to support to blocks which could be unstable.

Geotechnical Services by Inspection & Rope Access Specialists

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists have been using rope access to reach inaccessible locations on and offshore for a number of years. Our team of rope access specialists are fully qualified to use industrial rope techniques for work at height in areas that are difficult to access using other methods.

We are happy to be able to provide geotechnical and structural services to our clients, in the UK and abroad and have completed projects for a wide range of clients in different environments. Our skilled specialists provide a professional, safe and reliable service for each project, and treat each as unique, requiring its own assessment and plan.

For more information, or to speak to one of our technicians about your project please contact us today via our contact form or direct 01592 722 571.