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Rope Access Fabric Maintenance


The lifespan of your building or structure is determined by a number of different factors. Any measures which can be taken to prolong its life are of vital importance to ensure long-term safety and aesthetics. Fabric maintenance involves a variety of activities to help aid this process including:

Coating and surface surveys, preparation and application

Coating and surface surveys are used to inspect existing coatings. If required, existing coatings can be removed and surfaces recoated to ensure the long term structural integrity of your building.

Insulation installation and maintenance

Conserving energy is an important aspect for many businesses looking to reduce costs. Insulation installation is a valuable asset to improve profitability.

Passive fire protection

Passive fire protection is used to protect platform structures and employees from the effects of extreme flames and heat, reduce smoke damage and reduce the spread of fire. Both cementitious and intumescent solutions are used.

Condition surveys

Condition surveys are used to identify potential areas which require maintenance work.

Fabric Maintenance Made Easy with Rope Access

Management of building and facilities maintenance can be an incredibly time-consuming process and in some instances, such as on oil rig platforms, it is impossible to reach and assess all areas that require attention.

Rope Access provides the means to carry out fabric maintenance on any structure or building regardless of how awkward, high or difficult. Rope access uses ropes to traverse across the exteriors of buildings and structures.

Outsourcing your fabric maintenance to a rope access company saves you both time and money as you will be working with a qualified, reliable team of people trained in the required trades to complete all aspects of fabric maintenance.

Our Approach to Fabric Maintenance

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists are a rope access team based in Scotland with experience in fabric maintenance. We can identify the long-term integrity requirements for your structure and provide a plan of maintenance work that will prolong its safety and aesthetics. Our fabric maintenance services are provided by an experienced and multi-disciplined team of rope access specialists. Our team have gained a reputation for our professionalism and always work to competency standards. We aim to offer our clients a professional and safe service which utilises a range of plant equipment and technologies.

As part of our fabric maintenance service we provide a Daily Report so that you can follow the work's progress. To find out more please visit our dedicated Fabric Maintenance page or contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements.