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Rope Access for Lift Maintenance

Maintaining the lifts in your property is an essential duty, whether you're an employer or landlord. It's your legal obligation to arrange inspections of your lift every six to 12 months, and essential maintenance may well be required. Our rope access teams specialise in servicing and repairing lifts and can work within any confined space and at any height. We're happy to travel throughout the UK to ensure your lift maintenance issues don't prove a major headache for your business.


Why Use Rope Access?

Our Inspections and rope access teams are specially trained to deal with accessing and maintaining or inspecting your lifts in a safe manner. Some of our clients include City Councils, Education Departments and private offshore oil companies, so our expertise cannot be beaten in this specialist field.

Regular Maintenance Extends the Life of Your Lift

Maintaining your lift is important to protect your visitors and employees and you can be sure that our team of workers will have the ability to ensure the most thorough inspection of this important equipment. You will find that arranging regular lift inspections will extend the life of your lift and reduce the necessity for expensive repairs and our inspections team will advise you of any works you need to carry out over the coming months when they inspect your lift, so it's well worth investing in a regular inspection from our professional teams.

Rope Access for Lift Maintenance

Rope access is an ideal option for ensuring the ongoing maintenance of your lift or lifts. It's a simple matter to access any confined space using ropes and skilled teams, and far more economical. Your specialist rope team can quickly and easily enter the confined space of your lift and lift shaft to carry out repairs in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Our experiences on scaffolding and offshore installations and the work we carry out for a variety of Civil Engineering professionals make us the experts within the field of lift inspections and maintenance.

Get in touch with helpful team at Offshore Inspections to learn more about the many ways in which rope access teams can save you money and help extend the life of your lifts.

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