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Rope Access Pressure Washing


External cleaning is an important part of your building's ongoing maintenance. Not only does commercial cleaning aid in keeping your building safe but if you are trying to draw custom or create a certain impression to the public removing grime, algae and bird muck is incredibly important.

If you operate from a small building it may be possible to clean the outside facades yourself or to hire professional cleaners who are able to work from the ground. Unfortunately, for structure of any height cleaning can become difficult, costly and intrusive. In these circumstance it can be beneficial to hire a height specialist company, such as those who are skilled in rope access to clean the building effectively and safely for you.

Clean Your Structure Using Rope Access 

Whilst you may not be able to view high levels from the ground, a build up of dirt can cause potential health issues and problems with technical equipment such as IT and air conditioning systems. Pressure washing is a method used to blast away grime that accumulates on the outside of buildings. It is an effective way of regaining the beauty of your building's surface at an affordable price.

Pressure Washing and Cleaning at Height

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists use rope access techniques to conduct cleaning at height on a variety of buildings and structures. Our specialist rope access team have the required knowledge, experience and equipment to perform high level cleans on the outside and inside of a variety of structures both on and offshore. Rope access and netting techniques allow us to access typically inaccessible areas such as the inside of atriums whilst the required safety knowledge also allows our specialists to reach confined areas such as the inside of ducts and air conditioning systems.

Reach the Inaccessible With Rope Access

Rope access is often the best solution for carrying out work at height inside or outside and for accessing tubular constructions. No matter how high, old or awkward your structure or building is industrial rope access will be able to reach due to the system's flexibility.

Why Choose Rope Access?

The main advantages of rope access as a height solution are:

  • Minimal set-up time.
  • Less time required to set up equipment and being work.
  • Virtually no disruption to ground level.
  • Greater access to confined areas.
  • Cost effective.

Contact Inspection and Rope Access Specialists Today

We have been using rope access techniques for a variety of projects for many years. As such, we have gained a reputation for delivering a safe, innovative and flexible service which is tailored to each individual client’s needs. We enjoy the challenge of new projects so if you have a building or structure in need of cleaning then why not contact us today and find out how we can help.