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Rope Access Specialists Covering the UK & Europe

For years, civil engineering faced the challenge of working at height. As architects designed increasingly complicated buildings, the task of reaching awkward or high areas within the structure for maintenance, repairs, inspections or cleaning also became increasingly difficult.

Stemming from abseiling and caving techniques, rope access has developed over recent years and is now one of the most flexible ways to inspect, survey or repair a building or structure that is at height or difficult to access. The technique has helped improve access on the structures mentioned previously.

Why Choose Rope Access?

Rope access is favourable for a number of reasons. Primarily for a business owner the efficiency and cost-effectiveness rope access provides in comparison to other forms of access is key.

Rope access technicians are also highly trained and specialised. This means that when you chose this form of access you are guaranteed to be working with a team of professional and competent personnel who are experienced in their fields and able to provide a high quality service, efficiently every time.

Fast Set-Up & Safe

Another major benefit of rope access is the fact that it is quick to set-up as motive power machinery or scaffolding is not required. If your project is urgent you will save both time and money by choosing rope access. This is particularly important for those who require quick repairs. For example with the closure of the Forth Road Bridge last December it was rope access that was used to complete the required NDT inspection and rigging work.

Rope Access Isn't Just for Offshore

If you think rope access is a niche area of consultancy reserved for offshore work then you are wrong. Yes, rope access technicians do work on offshore platforms but the technique also has many other applications, such as atrium cleaning, wind turbines, NDT and maintenance. In fact, rope access can be used for essentially any work at height task. 

Need to Access the Inaccessible?

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists are an experienced team of rope access specialists. We are always looking for new challenges to develop utilise our skills and have worked on a variety of projects in both the UK and in Europe, including some of the largest oil rig platforms.

Our aim is to provide the best solution possible for your project, using the right skills, techniques and equipment to complete the task efficiently, quickly and safely. To find out more please contact us today to discuss your work. We'd love to help.