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Rope Access Specialists: The Cost Effective Work at Height Solution

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Rope access techniques can be applied to a variety of different buildings and structures to provide a cost-effective and safe way of carrying out work at height. One of the most common services that rope access specialists carry out is building maintenance and repairs.

Rope access technicians will often be employed to inspect high buildings and difficult to access, confined spaces such as tunnel shafts on a reactive or routine basis. Rope access professionals are experienced and equipped to complete any maintenance that is required on your building, big or small.

Unfortunately it is often the case that repairs on difficult to access structures are neglected as the areas are deemed too difficult to access via conventional methods. However leaving buildings unrepaired is dangerous to staff and the public and should never be overlooked. Rope access offers a great work at height solution to carry out such tasks. Better still, it is a cost efficient and timely alternative to MEWPs and scaffolding.

Which Structures Can Rope Access Specialists Work On?

Some of the structures which rope access technicians can complete work on include:

  • Sports stadiums
  • Historical buildings
  • Bridges
  • Wind turbines
  • Railway stations
  • Power stations, and
  • Oil rig platforms

Which Types of Maintenance Work Can Rope Access Workers Complete?

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists are able to provide a range of maintenance services including:

  • Building inspections
  • Concrete and brick repairs
  • Corrosion protection
  • Protective coatings
  • Removal of dangerous materials
  • Blasting and Painting

Why Hire Rope Access Specialists to Conduct Work at Height?

Rope access and industrial abseilers are highly trained and skilled. Their techniques allow them to carry out work at height with minimum disruption and with minimal equipment. Because of this rope access specialists are able to begin maintenance work on your building almost immediately, meaning you don't have to wait for work at height solutions such as scaffolding to be set up. Rope access is able to save you time and money over other forms of access due to these factors. Inspection & Rope Access Specialists are rope access specialists based in Scotland and have many years experience in working at height in a number of different industries and on a range of different projects in both the UK and abroad. To find out more about Inspection & Rope Access Specialists please contact our team who be able to talk you through our building maintenance options and services.

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