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Rope Access Training: What Experience Do You Need?

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Working as an industrial rope access technician can bring a very varied and exciting career. Projects can involve working on some of the world’s most famous landmarks, to carrying out mundane tasks not far from the ground, to projects in far-flung parts of the world.

If you are thinking about becoming a rope access technician you will need to undergo proper training however if you are already experience in abseiling and the building industry this will be beneficial to your career.

Experience in Abseiling

Before there were stricter legislations on who could perform work at height from rope access, many of the workers were abseilers, cavers or rock climbers who applied their skills to the facades of buildings and structures. Many of the techniques that are learnt through these practices will be useful for carrying out rope access jobs.

If you are an experienced abseiler you must still receive proper certification before working as a rope access technician. This accreditation can be achieved through The International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) who properly train and certify abseilers. Training is required to ensure the highest level of safety is maintained whilst carrying out rope access work.

Experience in the Building Industry

It is also important that you have experience in the trade you will be conducting at height. Knowing how to abseil is important but it is only half of the job you are required to do. As the industry has matured, it is not enough to simply be trained in rope access. Employers will look for a skill or profession such as an engineer or electrician. Rope access is merely a way for positioning workers in the correct place, having the skills required to then carry out the work will greatly benefit your career prospects.

Rope Access Career: What to Consider

If you currently work in the building industry or are skilled in a trade then rope access may offer the change of career path that you are looking for. However before you start training in rope access you should be aware that the job often involves periods working away from home and long hours, so you should consider this before beginning your training.