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Rope Access Work At Height Solutions Specialists in Scotland

Rope Access Work at Height Solutions Specialists in Scotland

Inspection and Rope Access Specialists from Scotland are established specialists qualified and experienced in getting access to your awkward building or structure where scaffolding is not an option. Our team are capable of abseiling into position on your tall building or awkward structure whether it is on land or an oil platform in the sea.

Skilled Riggers - More Than Just Steeplejacks and More Affordable Than Scaffolding

If you need specialist safety nets slung underside of your oil rig, or need a variety of maintenance tasks carried out from blasting to painting, spraying or simply inspection, our team have the techniques and the know how to tackle the job.

The pictures used in the new website give a clear indication of what we are capable of when working with ropes. The team is led by Height and Safety Consultant Scott Eadie and will help you solve numerous access problems so that you can conduct any form of maintenance or repair work using his teams Inspection and Rope Access services.

OffShore and OnShore Awkward Structure Access Consultants Glenrothes Fife

Onshore or offshore, across the UK or abroad, our team are ready to deploy with all the necessary equipment to tackle your awkward structure which might be to you the highest, most difficult confined space you thought might never get another human being up next to without having to rig scaffolding, which might, in itself take a long time to construct.

Browse around our website, read about what we are capable of doing and check out the pictures in the gallery, where we will always be adding more breath taking shots of our work. And of course do get in touch, we would love to help you.