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Save Time and Money with Rope Access Specialists


Safety inspections can feel like a hassle at the best of times, but when those inspections are in hard-to-reach places and extreme heights, things can get even more complicated and it's easy for corners to get cut. Employing rope access specialists to conduct inspections is one of the best ways to ensure a building or structure is assessed properly, eliminating the need for estimations and guesswork, and ensuring all your safety inspections are above board and accurate.

How Does Rope Access Work?

Rope access allows for much more thorough inspection and analysis of structures and buildings, allowing technicians to explore and assess much more freely and with greater flexibility.

The basic rope set-up is similar to how potholers or mountaineers might work, relying on safe and secure anchorage by multiple ropes, each independently held in place to ensure there's always a contingency in place should an accident or line break occur. Every survey, no matter how small, requires that a minimum of two technicians are on site, ensuring accidents and issues are responded to more immediately.

Unlike other survey methods in the construction and maintenance industries, rope access boasts an incredibly low rate of accidents, and much more freedom than traditional scaffolds or cradles.

Why Is Rope Access Important for Safety Inspections?

When it comes to safety, no stone should be left unturned. Whether it's a new build or a near dilapidated structure, a thorough examination of both the interior and exterior of every building is essential. Allowing technicians to perform advanced ropework manoeuvres more rapidly, this method of inspection means issues can be followed up on more immediately. There's no need to call a work stoppage to rearrange platforms or scaffolds, helping stave off additional costs and extensions on your build or renovation project.

Conventional scaffolds, cherry pickers and raised cradles and platforms can be useful for above ground maintenance and inspections, but when it comes to undertaking safety inspections in subterranean spaces or vast interiors, there's nothing as thorough as a dedicated team of ropework technicians for total peace of mind.

Rope Access Can Dramatically Reduce Your Construction Costs and Overheads

If you're undertaking a serious renovation project and anticipating a substantial work budget, it's tempting to cut corners and reduce your overheads along the way. But when it comes to safety inspections, ensuring you get an accurate oversight of all potential problems from the off is the best way to save you money in the long term.

Stumbling upon an undiagnosed problem halfway through a project will only mean having to draft in access technicians down the line, stalling your workflow and setting your project deadline back a considerable amount. Worse still, if your current contractors outsource the work themselves, you'll be paying a premium for something you could have sourced yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Based in Fife, Scotland, Inspection & Rope Access Specialists are committed to delivering a better standard of safety inspection and access to hard-to-reach places. Whether it's giving a structure a thorough examination for faults, or simple upkeep and maintenance, our team give you the freedom and flexibility you simply won't find with more conventional methods. Find out more about our inspection services or contact us today to discuss your project.

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