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Stay Safe Working at Height with Latchway Systems

latchway fall protection systems.jpgAcross the world, people are able to work at height safely thanks to Latchway protection systems. Used in a number of different sectors including aerospace, utilities, telecommunications among others Latchway systems and products are integrated into a range of contemporary roofs to provide fall restraint and protection for workers completing work at height. 

How Are Latchway Systems Installed?

Latchway products ensure the safety of workers on a wide range of structures including bridges, towers, buildings and more.

Depending on the requirements, Latchway systems can be fixed as a permanent installation or as a temporary unit for one-off projects. Systems can be fitted horizontally or vertically making them a versatile solution.

Protect Worker Safety at Height

The key benefit of Latchway systems is in the unique understanding of load control. Using Constant Force technology Latchway systems are able to meet even the trickiest of requirements for protecting worker's safety at height.

Latchways have designed some of the most innovative safety systems and products used for working at height. Some examples include:

  • ManSafe®
  • Constant Force®
  • Transfastener
  • LadderLatch
  • RotoLatch
  • PushLock
  • ClimbLatch

Latchway System Inspections

It is a legislative requirement that fall protection systems are tested and re-certified annually by a suitably qualified person. Inspections should check the deployment of shock absorbers and torque among other elements. When a text is completed and the element passes, an ID tag will be fitted with the system details and next required test date. Once re-certification is complete, a test certificate will be issued from the Latchway company.

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