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Bird Protection & Tension Netting

Protect Your Building from Damage Caused by Birds

You may already be aware of the problems and damage birds can cause to a building or structure. Not only can birds ruin outside aesthetics but they can also cause water ingress and structural damage which in serious cases can spread to wiring and cables.

If birds are nesting in your windowsills or ledges then you need to be careful about how you go around removing them. All bird nests are protected by law and it is illegal to intentionally remove or disturb them.

Anti-Roosting Spikes and Bird Netting Installers

There are a number of techniques that can be used to protect your building from birds including spikes and bird netting and wiring. These techniques can deter birds from landing and nesting on your windowsills and ledges.

Which method is best for your building will depend on your individual requirements. Spikes are often preferred for protecting CCTVs and signs but can be unsightly or become clogged with leaves and debris. If spikes are not appropriate bird and pigeon netting can also be used to protect buildings and can easily blend into the fascia of your building.

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists have installed spikes, pins and netting on building on structures to protect them from birds. We use rope access techniques to reach even the most difficult areas, such as protecting the upper levels of lighthouses. Contact us today to discuss the best solution for your building, requirements and users 01592 722 571.

Tension Netting: A Dynamic Solution

Tension netting (also known as walk-on netting) is a great access solution which creates a temporary platform to allow workers access to awkward areas to conduct maintenance work. Not only does tension netting help with access but it can also be used to aid fall prevention, contain debris and improve work positioning. This kind of netting can be used to access areas such as the underneath of offshore rig and platforms for maintenance and inspection work.

A Safe, Quick and Cost Effective Way for Better Access

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists have extensive experience in installing tension netting systems and have worked in some of the most challenging situations, such as the underneath of oil rig platforms. Our professional team carefully evaluate each project on a case by case basis to ensure efficiency and safety. 

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