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Tension Netting Installation Made Easy with Rope Access

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Tension netting is an access solution which involves creating a temporary work platform to provide workers access to awkward or high structures and areas. Aside from access, the innovative system also aids in fall prevention, debris containment and provides better work positioning.

Tension netting is a dynamic solution which can be easily erected and dismantled. It is often the ideal solution for conducting difficult access work in areas where scaffolding is too difficult to be installed.

What Are The Benefits of Tension Netting?


Tension netting can be installed in conjunction with rope access and fall arrest techniques making it a safe access solution. The type of nets used in tension netting are four times the strength of polypropylene nets manufactured for fall arrest purposes meaning workers can move around unrestricted safely. Lastly, as the system is so leightweight it is barely affected by wind or water loading.


Tension netting systems require a shorter installation time and have proven to be at least five times quicker to install than traditional scaffolding or other conventional access methods.


As there are lower labour and transport costs, tension netting provides a more cost effective solutions for companies.


Tension netting can fit into even the most tight or difficult spaces and provide unrestricted access for workers.

Which Services Can Be Conducted from Tension Netting? 

Once in place, workers have the ability to conduct a range of services from tension netting including:

  • Repairs and maintenance work including welding, masonry and steelwork repairs.
  • Inspections.
  • Blasting.
  • Painting.
  • Debris containment.
  • Coating applications.
  • Waterproofing

Where Can Tension Netting Be Used?

Tension netting can be used in a number of awkward access or high scenarios such as under-deck areas on ships, under oil rig platforms, power stations, the underside of bridges of jetty structures or other large areas which need to be accessed. 

Tension Netting Installation By Rope Access

There are clear and correct guidelines for the installation and use of tension netting. Our rope access specialists in Scotland have extensive experience and knowledge in using tension netting systems and provide a comprehensive range of services using tension netting and rope access techniques. For more information or to discuss your project please contact one of our team members via our Contact Form.