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The Benefits of Rope Access Companies in Scotland

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If your building or structure requires an inspection or maintenance work you will most likely need to hire external assistance. For those who have high or awkward buildings it is often the case that inspection or maintenance work cannot be conducted from the ground. If you are in this situation you will need to locate work at height specialists who have the resources required to reach or traverse your building.

Typical work at height solutions include scaffolding, cherry-pickers and scissor lifts. They typically involve erecting a temporary structure or system at ground level which workers then use to access the building.

Whilst these access solutions are frequently used onshore they do have some pitfalls including the time needed to install the systems and the disruption to the outside and entry way of buildings. Moreover, they cannot be used offshore on structures such as oil rig platforms. For those looking for a more cost-effective, quicker and less disruptive method to carry out height work, rope access provides a great alternative to these other access systems.

Rope Access Specialists Are Skilled Riggers

Rope access is a technique used to scale buildings using industrial roping techniques. Combining abseiling and caving rope access technicians can easily reach even the most difficult areas, such as the underneath of oil rigs, where scaffolding is simply not an option. Rope access technicians are skilled to conduct routine inspection work or to undertake a variety of maintenance tasks from blasting and painting, power washing, coating inspections, fabric maintenance, rigging and netting.

Why Choose Rope Access as Your Work at Height Solution?

Rope access methods require not motive power making them an environmentally friendly alternative to other access methods. Better still, rope access teams can set up in minutes and begin work immediately. The lack of equipment and shorter time required makes rope access a more affordable alternative. Lastly, rope access techniques have a better safety record than other height access options. This is due to the rigorous training programmes the specialists must undertake and also the fact that both workers and tools are securely attached decreasing the chance of a fall.

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists: Rig Access, Inspections and Maintenance

The team at Inspection & Rope Access Specialists have many years' experience in working at height in a number of different industries and on a variety of projects. Offshore and onshore our rope access team have the necessary equipment and expertise to reach even the most difficult area. If you need an inspection or maintenance work please contact our team to discuss your requirements.