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Things You Never Knew Rope Access Where Used For.

What is rope access?

IMG_1109.JPGThis system is a safe method of working at heights where ropes and accompanying equipment are used to gain access to and from difficult work places. One of the main advantages of using this type of method lies within the safety and speed at which workers can get to and from awkward locations in order to carry out their work.

Another major benefit is that the combination of total man-hours and the level of risk for a particular task is often reduced, compared to other means of access. What’s more, risks and costs are generally lower.

Where access by rope is useful:

Access by rope had its origins in the offshore industry however onshore applications for this type of working technique soon became popular for other services. It’s considered to be safe, environmentally friendly and not too intrusive. Specialists can be seen at work on some of the world’s most iconic buildings, both old and new.

Access using rope is also widely used in natural environments to stabilise cliffs, rock formations and shafts. The ease in which technicians can safely apply themselves to working at heights means that engineers and architects can continue to design and construct challenging structures. Here are a few examples of where access by rope is useful:-

- Structural surveys
- Masts, towers and pylons
- Satellite and radar tracking systems
- Concrete repair on bridges and high rise buildings
- Repairs of historical churches, buildings and monuments
- Renewable energy sector and wind turbines
- Tension netting and bird protection
- Blasting, painting and coating
- Signage
- NDT and Bolt Torque Testing

Did you know that that access by rope systems are also used in construction, maintenance, repair, cleaning, painting and geo-technical/civil engineering. In the media and entertainment world, access by rope is perfect for the rigging of stages, lighting and sound, aerial photography, along with the erection of advertising banners.

Why choose us?

There may be circumstances where you need to use the services of rope access specialists. Here at IRAS (Inspection Rope Access Specialists) we can provide you with techniques and solutions needed to reach awkward or high buildings, tall structures for both offshore and onshore projects.

Let our expert technicians quickly access structures or buildings maybe to undertake maintenance or inspection work. We have a reputable for delivering a safe, affordable, innovative and flexible service. For more info about our services contact

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