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Using Rope Access for Commercial Window Cleaning

To choose the best solution for commercial window cleaning, you need to consider factors like building structure or height from ground, cost, fall arrest precautions, tools that are needed for working and condition of surface below working area.

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Types of solutions for working from height

The ladder is the most basic form of solution for cleaning any window. But, it is advisable to use it for low levels and adjust its position whenever you wish to clean another window, which can be troublesome. Also, the ground where you position the ladder must be firm and not muddy to ensure that the ladder holds steady when you clean the window.

For cleaning windows on buildings or structures that are five floors high, the water fed pole equipment might be a good choice. In addition to low cost, this type of solution offers less safety risks. If the height is more than 60 feet, the truck mounted access platform, which utilises a cherry picker and an experienced operator, is a good option. In addition to fast set up, it doesn’t require any kind of permanent fixture and can be removed quickly from any site.

But since it has a disadvantage like blocking the front portion of the building, you may want to opt for a cradle system for working on an occupied building. Operating using power winches for lowering and raising the safe working area into the position you require, this type of system offers the advantage of reaching places that are usually out of reach using solutions like scaffolding.

Another great alternative to the cradle system is the industrial rope access method. In addition to saving cost and increased safety, you also spend less time to set it up. There is hardly any disruption to those working in the building while you are busy cleaning the building's windows. This type of solution also doesn't require any permit for flat terrain.

Choosing the best solution and commercial window cleaning company

To select the best solution, consider factors like height of structure or building from ground, vacancy of building, tools needed to perform the job well and budget. When it comes to choosing a good company, find out if the workers have Fall Arrest certification and other relevant certifications to indicate their training at national and other levels. In the event of an accident, you may need insurance coverage. So choose a company that has the proper liability insurance.


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