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Using Rope Access for Maintenance Work


Maintenance Work on Difficult Access Structures

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists use rope access techniques to conduct a range of maintenance services at high levels.

Traditional forms of access, such as scaffolding or MEWPs, require more time to set up and can be disproportionately priced relative to the work that needs to be done. Rope access is a cost efficient alternative to these forms of access as it requires less equipment and set up time. Not only is this beneficial from a cost point of view, but it also helps decrease the potential disruption to other workers or pedestrians.

Rope Access Can Be Used for a Wide Range of Maintenance Services

Using rope access techniques our team are able to perform a wide range of maintenance tasks at height with minimal disruption to your site and are able to use the technique alongside other trades such as plumbing, joinery etc.

Maintenance Work at Height

Rope access truly is a versatile and safe way to work at height and people are often surprised at the true range of projects rope access teams are able to undertake.

Our team are able to apply the technique to a wide variety of different applications in a variety of industries from commercial buildings to industrial structures. Our rope access team have experience working on large off-shore oil rig platforms, historic statues, bridges and more.

Safety First

All of our projects are properly risk assessed to ensure work is carried out correctly. From fireproofing to blasting and painting we have experience in all kinds of maintenance work, in both small jobs and larger projects. Regardless of the work required, we always fully assess any potential hazards or dangers and put together a plan for your maintenance work with a focus on safety and efficiency.

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