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What Are the Difficulties of Wind Turbine Maintenance and Inspections?

wind turbine rope access.JPGMaintenance and inspection on wind turbines requires specialist training to access the motors which can be around 212 foot from the ground. Similarly the blades of a wind turbine can reach around 116 foot so inspecting or repairing them requires particular expertise. 

Rope access involves techniques which are similar to climbing and caving. However unlike climbing and caving, rope access involves two ropes. This is one of the key areas that some people who have experience in caving/abseiling and are training to be rope access consultants find difficult. Rope access specialists must be both efficient and methodical about the way they work otherwise they can find themselves tangled. 

Many people do not know of rope access, or understand the flexibility in which the technique can be used. Work can be completed without need for scaffolding, requires less equipment and time and leaves very little footprint on site. These factors combine to offer a cost effective working at height solution that minimises downtime and increases productivity.

Overcoming the Difficulties of Wind Turbine Maintenance and Inspections

The first step involved in carrying out work on a wind turbine is to lock out the rotor. Ropes can be attached to the lifting eyes and workers can reach the motor and blades from there. With rope access you have greater mobility and are better aware of the extremities of height working such as the wind. This area is something that is particularly important for wind turbine maintenance and inspection, which unsurprisingly, are often in areas of high wind. As technicians become more experienced working on wind turbines they are able to understand weather patterns which helps them make wiser decisions and improves their efficiency and speed. 

A Safe and Reliable Way to Work

Falls are one of the leading causes of workplace injury and when work is completed at height, the chance of fall is increased. Rope access has become a preferred working at height method due to its high level of safety with the fatality rate sitting around 0.08 per 1000. This safety can be attributed to the impeccable training for professional certifications technicians must go through via IRATA and other bodies. 


Why Choose Inspection & Rope Access Specialists?

It still surprises us that people in our industry have not heard of rope access, or have do not understand the full range of services about rope access can be used for. The technique is truly versatile with a huge range of capabilities and possibilities.

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists are one of the few companies that are experienced in working on wind turbines and are able to offer wind turbine maintenance and inspection services. For more information please contact us: 

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