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Which Inspections Can Be Carried Out by Rope Access Specialists?

inspection rope access.jpgInspections are an important part of maintaining any building or structure. Not only do they help to identify any current problems which may require immediate work but they also help to identify any potential problems which could develop in the future and prevent any costly repairs.

For those who operate a building or structure which has awkward access, or is of height, finding the right company to carry out the necessary inspection(s) can be difficult. There are a number of ways to attempt height inspections in such areas, such as cherry pickers or drones however in some circumstances these are techniques will not be able to perform as accurately as is needed, or simply aren’t feasible such as due to the underground condition.

Rope Access is a great alternative for inspection work at height and has experienced a boom in popularity in recent years across a wide range of industries. There are many reasons for that have contributed to this continued growth including:

  • Less downtime and less equipment
  • Hight safety record
  • More eco-friendly than machine alternatives
  • More cost effective than scaffolding
  • Less disruptive on other operational processes in the direct area than other forms of working at height such as cherry pickers and scaffolding.

Which Types of Inspections Can Be Done by Rope Access Specialists?

If you need inspection work conducted on your building or structure then you may want to consider a rope access companyas a cost effective and reliable method. Previous clients are often surprised by the range of services and jobs that can be completed using rope access, including a wide range of inspection work such as:

  • Marine Surveys (UTM)
  • PPE Inspections
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Visual Coating and Crack Inspections
  • Steel Calculations and Surveys
  • Corrosion Inspections
  • Condition Assessment Programs (CAP/CAS)

Why Choose Inspection & Rope Access Specialists for Inspections?

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists adhere to practices put forth by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), the leading global standard for industrial rope access. Our team includes experienced Level 3 qualified rope access technicians who have completed inspection work on numerous projects in both the UK and Europe. We continually strive to provide a reliable and professional service which adheres to stringent safety procedures to improve efficiency and safety.

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