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Why Are Coating Inspections a Crucial Step in Fabric Maintenance?

coating inspection rope access specialists.jpgCoatings play a crucial role in not only protecting your assets from deterioration, but also in helping to maintain your company's image. A poorly kept building exterior can reflect badly on your brand. For many structures and buildings coatings are a major maintenance component and account for huge amount of business expenditure every year.

What is a Coating Survey?

Commercial buildings can contain a number of different layers including painted and integral coloured CMU, architectural metals, pre-cast concrete, EIFS and structural steel. A coating inspection (also known as a condition assessment) is used to gather information on how well these previous coatings are performing, which can help identify any potential problems and maintenance work that may be required.

In order to correctly predict any future maintenance required on your building it can be beneficial to hire a coating professional who will be able to inspect and test the coatings of your building to understand any current or potential future problems. A skilled and experienced coating inspection specialist will be able to identify the various areas which will require maintenance and make their recommendations based on the order that they will require attention - as opposed to arbitrarily scheduling painting needs based on age.

Why Are Coating Inspections Important?

In the past some companies did not place much importance on coating inspections. There are a number of reasons why these attitudes have changed in recent years, primarily the increased need for environmental protection and safety. Building performance is important to prevent any potential access from corrosion. This will prevent any injuries, employee dissatisfaction, negative publicity and profit loss.

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists Coating Inspections

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists have experience in coating inspections on a variety of different buildings. Our certified team are able to identify any potential deficiencies in a building's substrates and the relative assessment required, conducting quality controlled inspections and coating surveys

Our certified inspection equipment and inspectors allows us to professionally carry out all the daily duties involved in a Coating Survey such as the taking of environmental readings, salt levels, profile reading, WFT (wet film thickness) readings and DFT (dry film thickness) readings in the UK and Europe. For more information you can reach us: 01592 722 571 or email us