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Why Choose Rope Access for Wind Turbine Maintenance and Inspection?


Amid concerns for global climate change and the decline in non-renewable energy sources, the importance of finding reliable, renewable energy sources has increased in recent years.

One of the key renewable energies that has experienced growth and success is wind power, which is becoming an increasingly important part of the global energy market - and is one of the fastest growing technologies among the various renewable energy source available.

As its popularity continues to grow and solidify itself as a profitable sector, and recently experience its largest profit margin to date. Wind energy also continues to break new internal records every year, indicating it is set to continue growing in years to come.

Why is Wind Energy Beneficial?

Wind economy is on the rise, particularly in parts of Europe including Germany and Belgium, which are home to some of largest wind farms in Europe.

Increased time and resources have been invested into improving the technologies and designs of wind turbines resulting in the systems being more efficient and reliable.

Wind energy is a preferred energy source for a number of reasons including:

  • It has fewer subsidies
  • It releases no pollution in the air or water
  • It does not contribute to global warming (carbon free)
  • It is free and inexhaustible
  • It is locally available
  • It is non-depletable

What Does Wind Energy Mean for Rope Access?

It is a no brainer as to why rope access is so effective for work on wind turbines. The design, construction and location require particular expertise and techniques to access all corners of their wide façade and in some circumstances rope access is the only safe solution for conducting work on these structures.

As a result, many rope access technicians are showing an increased interest in the wind economy. This is because many can see the potential for rope access to shine as the ideal access solution for maintenance and inspection. In fact,

Rope access specialists have become the go-to workers for the wind industry due to the wide and varied scope of applications the technique can be used to complete and the structural needs of the turbines.

Furthermore, IRATA is globally recognised within the industry and as a result many companies are also seeking out Rope Access technicians to keep up with the increasing volume of work.

What Is the Future Like for Rope Access and Wind Energy?

The rope access team at Inspection & Rope Access Specialists are excited about the growing opportunities the wind industry presents to us. Our clients are often surprised at the true extent and range of applications our techniques can be complete, not just in the energy sector but in entertainment, sports, etc.

Why Choose Inspection & Rope Access Specialists for Wind Energy Work?

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists have completed work on some of the Europe’s largest wind farms. Our team are highly qualified to provide routine inspection or maintenance work on wind turbines such as wind blade repair or O&M maintenance. Our company is one of the few that offers such an extensive range of rope access services including wind turbine work and PPE Inspections.

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