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Why Choose Rope Access Specialists for Torque Testing?

IMG_0055.JPGTorque testing is used to check rotating components within machinery to ensure that they are performing to their required standards, and to help identify any potential problems which may need attended to. Some pieces of machinery can have thousands of individual parts so it is important that all are working correctly to avoid potential breaks and hazards.

What Exactly is Torque Testing?

Torque refers to the angular force which is needed to turn something. Torque testing is often used in machinery to check fastenings and rotating parts as these areas can be more prone to wear through repetitive movement. 

How is Torque Measured?

Torque can be measured through in-line testing (which measures the torque required to turn the rotating part) and reaction testing (which  measures the amount of torque required to prevent a part from rotating). Inspections of this re normally completed using special sensors.

Torque Inspections

The initial installation of fastenings and bolts is important. They must reach the correct level of torque or they could be less effective as time goes on. Insufficient torque can lead to a fastener being loosened through vibrations. Excessive torque can cause stretching or breaking of bolts. Once the bolts are initially installed they should be periodically checked to ensure they are performing correctly.

There are a few different tests which can be used to check such as a First Movement Test which determines residual torque (the tension leftover in a joint after fastening a threaded fastener), a Loosening Test (similar to a First Movement Test except instead of tightening it test the torque in the direction of loosening a fastening) and a Marking Test (where a surface is marked with a tightening fastener which is loosed and then re-tightened).

Why Choose Rope Access Specialists for Torque Testing?

There may be circumstances where the part you need inspected is not located in an easy to access area. For such inspections rope access offers a cost effective and efficient solution. Our workers are able to reach components regardless of their location meaning we can truly inspect anything, anywhere!

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